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2019 Top Values

100 Top Values

Great wines for $25 or less By Keith Newton

One of the things wine lovers appreciate most about wine is how special a part of daily life it can be. Wine is an integral element of meals and celebrations, of family gatherings and holiday traditions. Yet wine is also transformative, connecting us to cultures and histories beyond our own. Few pleasures provide such everyday enjoyment while also enlarging our understanding of the world.

It’s this very combination that makes value such an important factor when it comes to wine, since most of us, whatever our budget, look for affordability when seeking our next go-to bottle. The good news is that great values are out there to be found. If you know where to look, you’ll be able to turn up excellent quality for the price from whichever region or style inspires you most right now.

The diverse selection in this year’s annual roundup of 100 top values covers six categories—Light Whites, Rich Whites, Elegant Reds, Big Reds, Rosé and Sparkling—and spans every corner of the globe. All of the wines are rated 88 points or higher, priced at $25 or less and made in large enough quantities to be widely available. (Another 18 wines in this year’s Top 100 also represent exceptional value. See the complete list.)

These wines are your chance to stock up on the categories you know and love—red Burgundy, Chianti Classico, California Chardonnay, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc—while exploring unfamiliar terrain. So pop a Portuguese white or a Chilean Syrah and let the world of wine reveal its secrets.

Map of Wine Regions